Learning To Launch — Feedback
Hey, thanks for being willing to give us some feedback. We had a tonne of great feedback during the writing process, but like any good product, we know there's always room for making things better. So be sure to let us know what you think! :)
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Have you built and launched a side project before? *

Knowing this is really valuable as it helps us see what people at different stages are thinking about the book.

How much of the book have you read so far? *

How would you rate the book so far?

Why is that your favourite?

Knowing what people really care about and why is super valuable, so we appreciate you sharing your thoughts :)
Is there anything the book doesn't talk about that you'd like to see us mention?

Keep in mind that the book is aimed at those at the early stage of building and launching :)
Any other thoughts at all?

We're all :ears:
Who can we thank for this kind feedback?

This is totally optional, but it's always nice to know who the person behind the words is :)
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