The Working Lunch
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If we were to stop tweeting, would that be a problem? *

To give some context to why we are asking - our analytics show a very low engagement on twitter, and so if its not a platform our users want to use, we can spend the time we would spend writing tweets on finding more awesome articles, podcasts & videos
If we were to stop updating the website and only have the newsletter sign up, would that be a problem for you? *

Most of our engagement comes from the newsletter, and so we are investigating ways to streamline our efforts, and concentrate on the mediums that you care about.
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If we only had 1 link per Working Lunch, how sad would that make you? *

If we stopped The Working Lunch all together, how sad would that make you? *

We'd love to hear any other thoughts, feelings and feedback you have on both The Working Lunch as well as the questions raised in this Typeform

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